If I Save It, Where Will I Put It?

Today’s the big day. Yes – it’s the beginning of Daylight-Saving Time. Did you know it’s not “savings” time? I always thought it was until I read this article. Now all of the answers to the mystery of the moving clock hands are solved – but I still don’t like it! Oh well, I’ve finally been waking up 45 minutes early lately – I guess now I’ll just start getting up on time again.

It seems the DNS is finally propagating for everyone, so I will be skinning the site tonight! After I watch The Amazing Race, since I missed it on Wednesday. I’m so glad UPN airs it again the same week!

By Christine

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8 replies on “If I Save It, Where Will I Put It?”

alright what way does the clock go? ahead or back? I have no clue what time it is right now, all my clocks are either set by my cable company or set on a computer to update at DST. Odd enough my cellphone is saying its 4:16pm, hopefully all my clocks are right and its 9:44am

I was going to say that UPN in it’s typical moronic judgement has cancelled the AR reruns, but someone already did. Sadly the WB has also been on a cancelling spree. UPN is killing Roswell at year’s end, though the actors are acting like they don;t want to be back anyway, and the WB killed MGTBARS, as well as others. After the WB got rid of Buffy and Roswell last year, they have little for me to watch. Amazingly, I spend more time wathcing WB then I do UPN. Ironic isn’t it.

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