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I’m a Tivotte…

I can’t deny that I absolutely love my Tivo. It knows what I want and it gets it for me. I couldn’t ask for more … or could I? I could. I want Matt’s TiVo which has a Tivo Webserver that posts his “To Do” and “Now Showing” lists every 30 minutes. I am *so* jealous. [via Mermaniac’s Drinking Game – Now grab some Cuervo and play!]

By Christine

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3 replies on “I’m a Tivotte…”

That’s a pretty darn nifty thing to do with one’s TiVo… ‘course, I’m still trying to convince hubby to let me hack into ours so I can burn CDs of my favorite shows and not worry about pestering friends to download them. Somehow, it’s infinitely easier to watch things over and over again on CD than it is on VHS… plus, it saves oodles of space!

We love our TiVo, too — it’s so much easier to deal with commercial television and catching things that show at awkward times. 🙂

I love my tivo too. I had to send the first one I purchased into sony, and I couldn’t stand living without it. I went out and purchased another one later that day.

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