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On a side note, if your site has to be down, at least go down with the best, right? InstaPundit (hosted with Hosting Matters) was offline too, and according to Kathy K, he was posting on his backup Blogspot site. Solonor (hosted with Bloggerzone) was kind enough to share visual evidence of how long the site was down. Meanwhile, Michele claims it was really her doing – a powerful Jedi Mind Trick gone wrong.

At least it wasn’t as stressful for me as the Great Blogout of 2002 (see the April 4th post). We were so desparate then that we had to set up a Blogaholics site. This hit more people, but at least I knew what was going on and it was just a matter of waiting it out!

Have details to share from the Great Blogout of 2003? What did you do with all of the spare time you suddenly found yourself with today?

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It goes without saying that the server went down just as I was running a test through my links to see if they were set up correctly. It just had to be, somehow.
All the more reason for the next gathering to be sooner rather than later. 🙂

With all of the free time I had, I actually got some work done at my job today! Imagine that…

The news about the Blogomania server being different is great to hear, as I was a little befuddled trying to figure out what had happened throughout the day (especially since the forums were not reachable by name)…I know this still wouldn’t help in the unlikely event that something like this happens again (since the server would still be housed in the same data center), but it’s still a very nice thing to do.

I had no idea it happened! The place where my network cable plugs into the back of my modem has broken, and of course it’s the part that’s attached to the motherboard so it’s not easy to fix. So I’ve been without internet access at home for the past THREE DAYS!!!! It’s driving me NUTS!

I think I may need a support group.

I just realized I wrote that wrong. It’s the place where the network cable plugs into my computer, that thing is broken.

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