In the Morning E-Mail…

“I can understand your wishes and concerns when dealing with your annulment. You have no rights as being a EX-WIFE of Rick’s through the eyes of the military or any other legal matter. The only way that you would have any rights through the military and legal is if you had a child with Rick. Which you don’t! I am not going to sit here and fight with you through emails. You have pissed me off, as I am sure that I done the same. I will leave it up to Rick on what he decides to do about you and your

annulment. I think this should have be done years ago, but never the less I am not Catholic nor will my children be. We have conflicts of what we believe in. I proud to say that Rick is learning a lot from me, and it is all out of the bible.

I just wanted to lay it out there on how I feel and how I see things.

I wish you the best…. MAY GOD BLESS… “

First let’s address the legal matter – a divorce does NOT sever all legal ties. Most of us wish they did, but they don’t. So she needs to get a grip there.

We didn’t do the annulment before because Rick was dealing with supporting Wife #2 while she was sleeping around (he wanted to help her get back on her feet … somedays he is too nice for his own good.) I didn’t have the money to pay the fees, which I discovered recently are negotiable. Also, I was dating someone who wasn’t Catholic at the time (the Insignificant Other) so it wasn’t a big issue for me either. Now that I am back in the dating world, it is an issue because I have dated two Catholics, and both have expressed that they want to be able to marry in the Catholic church.

The funny part is the whole part about how much Rick is supposedly learning from her, “all out of the Bible”. While a lot of people don’t realize it, the majority of the Catholic beliefs come directly from the Bible. (No, priests not being married is not in the Bible, I realize that AND I don’t agree with it. One of my few issues with the Catholic church) MORE IMPORTANTLY … this is the chick who was sleeping with Rick within a month of dating him! (Where is that in the Bible?) She was pregnant before they got married. (I am sure that is not in the Bible.) And what will she teach her children about these issues? This one will obviously be able to figure out that Mom was prego before July 15 when they got married. In a civil union, which is also going against the Bible! (I am sure no ordained minister married them at 12:10am.)

Yep, she sure is teaching Rick a lot about what is in the Bible. By doing everything that is NOT in the Bible. Sigh… Oh well. He’s married to her, and because I care about him I want them to have a good marriage. So after sending her my initial reaction e-mail (telling her that she is far from biblical) I sent a nicer, pseudo-apology e-mail. She caught me off guard yesterday, but prior to that she has had nothing but my support. I was just very upset to be told that I was “up to something” when the worst thing I was up to was wanting to mail him his stuff, to send them baby goodies, to maybe even send her some mommy pampering goodies, and so forth. Yeah, I am pure evil after all. Sigh… I just want everyone to love everyone! I am too much of a Libra. I want everyone to be happy, all the time, and if they aren’t happy I want to make them happy. Ugh. It sucks, it really does.

Oh well, hopefully she will figure out that I am not about to attempt to steal her man. He asked me back in January (the day of his second date with her) if I ever thought that there was a chance between us. I laughed and asked if he had grown 3-4 inches … see, I have this height issue, and I can’t stand to date men who are my height, which he is. (Yeah, yeah, get your mind back out of the gutter!) He said no, he had not … and I said that no, I didn’t think there was a chance. We laughed about it and moved on to the next topic. He has always been one of my best friends, and I love him dearly. That does not mean I want him back though!

By Christine

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