Innocent People will be killed…

The weekend after the tragedies of September 11th, I went to Galveston with my best friend Chelsey. While I love her dearly, quite often we do not see eye-to-eye. I said that if we bombed Afghanistan, innocent people would be killed. She tried to tell me that our weapons were so sophisticated, they could hit a target without missing. I laughed. I was an Army wife, and Desert Storm is all too clear still. We had a lot of friendly-fire casualties. Our weapons are not that perfect. And reading this article, – U.S. resumes attacks on Afghanistan, only proves my point further. “East of Kabul, at least four local employees of a U.N.-funded mine-clearing operation were killed during the U.S. airstrikes when a missile hit the building where they work, the United Nations said. The building sits next to a tranmission tower used by the Taliban that may have been the intended target.” This is the only one admitted to, but don’t you think there are many other incidents just like this one?

I am afraid. I have been concerned since Desert Storm, when I learned the full extent of what biological and germ warfare could do. Our “enemies” have had the ability to launch attacks for some time. I am scared of that more than ever now.

By Christine

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