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Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies…

Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense? Because let’s be realistic – lying about the reason for a war is a LOT worse than lying about having sexual relations with someone. Sugar coat it any way you want, and it’s still worse.

If they should impeach him, I will laugh for at least a week straight. Jackmonkey.

By Christine

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6 replies on “Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies…”

Even though I’ve been told by all & sundry that, since I’m not American, I can’t have an opinion on this . . it still baffles me as to why he hasn’t been impeached.

No-one died due to Clinton’s clandestine affair, as far as I recall.

I think that’s what people forget … the whole WORLD has opinions on other countries. We are linked together. So I think you’re allowed to have an affair, and you are correct! No one died due to Clinton’s affair. *sigh*

At this point in time the most direct end to Bush Administration will come in the form of his ass being voted out of office. In the current congress there is no hope of impeachment. None. If the voters of America can’t get the job done, then it will be four more years of the same or worse.

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