It Says “DAY” for a Reason…

The chances of me seeing Erika, Jay & Sammy tomorrow are now looking very slim. Not only were they just sick, but now? I can’t breathe through my nose. My eyes itch. I’m coughing. Oh, and I have to get on a plane in less than 24 hours. My head is going to explode, mid-flight.

I thought it was just allergies until yesterday. At the Tremont, they had feather pillows on the bed. I don’t do feather pillows, but I didn’t bother to call the front desk and ask for foam ones. I figured two nights, it would be ok.

When I woke up on Sunday, I felt like crap. So did a number of other people there at the retreat. So again, blame the allergies. It was finally sunny after days of rain, and that seems to mess with everyone.

Yesterday? I finally started to accept that it wasn’t allergies. So last night, in a desperate hunt for a decongestant, I finally gave in and took 1 Dayquil. (They are from last year, so they still have the decongestant in them.) I only took ONE, not the recommended two. I was afraid they would make me wired.

I went to sleep sometime after 4:00 am, and only then because I forced myself to sleep. I tried not to stare at the clock, but it might have been closer to 5:00 when I finally drifted off. I was awake by 9:15 am, so now I am spacy, congested, but tired? Oh no. Not tired.


By Christine

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Do you have access to a steam room at some spa or health club? Steam and euclyptus should help and go inhale a quart of OJ. Then down some chicken soup – Maybe Mike has some in the freezer. I know I do. Feel better. Have a good trip. Think about all the yarn shopping in a strange city you’ll get to do – that’ll cure ya!

You were smart to take something before getting on a plane. Being on a plane with a cold or feeling congested is the worst. The pressure is unbearable and your head feels like it will explode. Clariton D works well for me.

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