It’s Not Einbahnstrabe!

While reading Megnut, I came across her post where she says “So that strange is called an “esszet” in German, and apparently there’s much more too it than I realized.” It made me laugh … because when I was living in Germany, one of my friends at the time asked me “What is that Einbahnstrabe sign I see everywhere?” First mistake, she obviously missed the context clue of the one-way arrow. But, even funnier (probably because we had been at the Green Goose for a few hours enjoying a shot or two of Cuervo, or a beer for those who were too wimpy for Cuervo) was that she said it “Ein-bahn-STRAB-a”! We laughed the rest of the way home. It’s pronounced “Ein-bahn-strass-a” … but from that day forward we said it her way! Now every time I see a Germany word with the symbol in it, I laugh. Even 10+ years later…

By Christine

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