It’s Ok to Cry…

My Uncle Terry wrote a guest article for the Winona Daily News (Winona, Minnesota) about the Sept. 11th attacks. On April 26, 2000 my cousin was fatally hit by a car when crossing the street in front of their house, and Terry’s perspective on things is of course forever altered. I was brought to tears more than once as I read the article, “Now I can cry”

He said that from watching the reactions of others after Sept. 11th he has learned – grown men can cry.

“I feel as though a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. To see male rescue workers coming out with depression on their face, to see tears coming down their cheeks brought tears to my eyes. To see David Letterman, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, etc. on national television with the same look and tears has made life easier.

I have the freedom to come out from behind the mask and fašade I have felt compelled to stay behind as a male and head of a family. I am now free to make the statement that I miss Tyler everyday, I cry over it on a regular basis, and I hope that those two things never change. If they do, to me it will diminish the father/son relationship that we had.”

Just had to share that…

By Christine

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