It’s Time for Lift-off!

We are heading out for an afternoon of fun and adventure down at Space Center Houston, The Official Visitors Center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center! The main reason we are going? The Grossology exhibit! Yes, yes, soon I will know more then I ever wanted to about all sorts of gross things! With such highlights as walking through a giant nose, visiting the Vomit room or playing in Toot-Toot Town to learn about the physics behind gas. Human gas. Or how about the 30-foot long slide tour of the digestive system? A giant version of the game Operation? Oh yes, this will be tons of fun! (Seriously, I am looking forward to it and I know Jason will have a blast!)

By Christine

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Oh cool! We wanted to go there on our way home from Renaissance Festival but as you know, we never GOT to the Renaissance Festival. I want to take Ali there so bad though. I hope you guys have fun!!! I can’t wait to hear about it!

Those places are too fun 🙂 We love to go to the science center because they have the coolest interactive hands on things to do. The last one was the huge 4th floor murder mystery you had to solve it was way too cool 🙂
Have a great day with your son

This is the first time I have read your blog (linked from theworkingmom) and I really like it. I think it is too weird that my family and I were also at the Space Center on Sunday!! How funny…what a small world!

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