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Jenny, I Got Your Number…

Matt wrote yesterday about phone numbers in movies and songs and said he never called the Tommy Tutone number, 867-5309. He figured it would be fake and wouldn’t work.

Funny thing is, if I remember correctly, in the Chicago area, WLS got the number and you could call it. They either set it up so you could win prizes while the song was out or maybe you could just call it and hear a message from “Jenny”? The details are sketchy, but I know it worked.

Have you ever called a number from a movie, song or TV show?

By Christine

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You probably know all about the problems caused by the phone number in the movie “Bruce Almighty”. Here in the Boston area (Somerville), there is a dentist who has that number…they were on the news yesterday…and they keep getting all of these calls asking for God. There was another guy…a realtor…who had that number for his cell phone!

I think it is stupid of people to call fictitious phone numbers…you dont know who you might be annoying! After all, the people who had the number in the first place didn’t do anything to ask for any of this!

Just my opinion!

I’m with Ms. Ailurophile on this. Calling numbers in movies is equivalent to calling stores and asking them if they have Prince Albert in a can. It’s funny when you are 10, but if you’re older than that and you still think it’s funny, you need to grow up a little.

Well, I was probably about 10 when I did it, and the only one I ever called was the Jenny number – which was set up to receive the calls. It wasn’t really prank calling anyone. I was mainly wondering if people did it back then when they were kids, because these days everyone uses the fake 555 numbers. Little did I know when I wrote this, they didn’t with Bruce Almighty! I agree, doing it as a kid is one thing – but not as an adult. That’s just sad.

While it’s clearly kinda lame to call real-appearing numbers in movies, there have been a string of movie tie-ins that worked when you actually did it. If you call any of the phone numbers (all 1-800 if I remember correctly) in the movie Magnolia, you’ll get a message from movie characters saying things related to the film (including Tom Cruise trying to pitch his male chauvinist course).

But calling God due to the number in a movie is kinda goofy.

Bruce Almighty reaches out into the real world in the most annoying way possible. A Florida woman has begun receiving calls meant for God. Why didn’t they use numbers that couldn’t possibly exist? This is the kind of mistake that…

Check out The Pay Phone project site for posts on phone #s in mvies & songs. I don’t know the URL but search on using keywords “Payphone project” or “Pay phone project”. Then scroll way down to about Oct 2003 when it started. I think it’s called NON 555 #’s in movies”. I’m working on a web page for these type #s also 🙂

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