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JPII Gets His Groove On…

JPII? Who’s that? Why it’s Pope John Paul II – but that’s too long to put on the back of his new Harlem Globetrotter’s Honorary Team member jersey. Uh huh, honorary team member. I’m glad they don’t expect him to actually play, because let’s be honest. That would take a miracle. (Now I’m off to say 5 Hail Mary’s and 10 Our Father’s for saying something so … wrong.) [via Ernie of Little Yellow Different]

By Christine

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4 replies on “JPII Gets His Groove On…”

oh, you are so going to hell. and so am i, for laughing at that, so … 🙂

(and i’m not even catholic, but i live next door to a lot of nuns, and i’m sure they’d agree that i am, indeed … oh nevermind. i’m in a silly mood)

He was born in 1920, so that puts him about 82. It’s good to see him in America, but I tend to agree with Gary Wills that some papal restraint is addressing the reforms proposed by the Bishops in Dallas.

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