June starts off with a bang!

What a day I had yesterday. I went to an interview in downtown in the morning. Then lunch with the always wonderful Chelsey at Pappa’s Barbeque while I was down there. I miss working in downtown for 2 reasons – the bus ride to work (yes, it is a nice 30-40 minute break from things, time to unwind rather than drive) and getting to see Chelsey all the time. After I dropped her off back at her office I went over to the Park Shops so I could go see if I could find a nice suit – I need more “corporate” work clothes. I lucked out and found a *fantastic* sale and purchased a $130 3-piece suit – navy blue jacket, dress and pants – for $50. It fits perfectly – like it was made just for me. I also bought a black jacket for $20 that was $60 originally. Then I headed up to my former employer’s office to pick up my final paycheck. I must admit, there are many things I could say here about that experience, and none of them would be nice. I will bite my tongue (or rather stop my fingers) and not say any of them. *sigh* Let’s just leave it on this note – I am glad that I am moving on. I have my last check, I wash my hands of the rest of it as it is not mine to worry about any more. I have much better things to concern myself with – like getting ready to start MY NEW JOB!!! Yep, the job I wanted… they told me they would make me an offer on Friday when I met with them on Wednesday – and they came through! Whoo hoooooo!!! I am so excited. I called them on a whim to even see if they were had an opening exactly 2 weeks ago (May 18th) and I already have the job. I start there on June 11th. I ROCK!!! So, the good definately outweighed the bad in the long run yesterday, and to top it all off I even get a raise! I am going to try to temp next week if I can, otherwise I will do some work on this site & others that I have been meaning to do and some late spring cleaning (tossing!) around the house.

We had a “Carbo Cookoff” for Jason’s swim team last night – everyone brought a high-carb dish for dinner at the clubhouse. Being the carbohydrate addict that I am, I thought I was in heaven! Afterwards we came home and it was off to bed – we had to be up at 6:30 this morning for the swim meet. Ugh. I was a timer for both shifts at the meet. I volunteered when I saw they were short staffed, and I am glad I did – it really helps make the meet go a lot faster when you are working it instead of just watching. It was awfully hot by the time the meet was over – just looooove that sticky hot feeling! Came home & got cleaned up, but now we are going out to the pool again. I finished “The Bone Collector” yesterday morning, so now I am going to read “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, also borrowed from Kymberlie. As long as we are friends I will never have to buy a book or go to the library – she owns almost every book I can think of! I need to find my Chronicles of Narnia books for Jason – he wants to read them this summer. My parents gave me the boxed set when I was his age or maybe a year older – now it is time to pass them on to him. I want to read them again myself – I always loved those books.

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