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Just Another Boring Night at the ER…

Like I didn’t have enough to do last night, I ended up spending a good chunk of it in the ER. *sigh* Related to my previous problems (the first several posts in this category if you need to catch up), it is the cycle of the pill that is the “off” week, and while everything seemed to be normal for the first 2 days of the cycle, last night at 9pm that all changed. By 10pm I was concerned enough about the bleeding, I called my doctor’s office. He told me to start my new packet of pills (stop taking the blanks (ok, not completely blank, as they fortunately have iron in them) and start taking the hormone pills for day 1) and stay on pills until my hysteroscopy on the 14th.

Also, since I’m flying to Asheville today, he wanted me to go to the ER to be checked out. He was especially concerned about my iron level and making sure I wasn’t anemic.

So Mike & I were off for a late night trip to the ER. I didn’t want to leave Jason home alone (and I didn’t want to wake him and take him to the ER with us), so my Mom was kind enough to come over and stay with him. Mike had been doing computer updates for me, so once I was in line waiting he returned home too for awhile, coming back at 3 am or so? Not really sure – I was asleep when he came back to the room I was finally in. Ahhh, sleep. Everything checked out ok, they decided that this is all related to the fibroids, the doctor cleared me to fly, gave me strict instructions that if the pill doesn’t stop the bleeding or if I have any other symptoms to get checked out, and finally at about 4:30 am or so I got to come back home.

Today I just feel tired, and sort of crampy. Better than last night though, and hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow. Seriously, I really hope so…

By Christine

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Fibroids suck. I’ve had surgery twice and the damned things are getting larger again. 🙁

You might research Novasure if you’re checking out options.

Feel free to email me for more info on all this. And, not that it’s good news, but 1 in 4 women have fibroids.

damn. i just popped in to give you a hard time for the long podcastly silence. i’ve changed my mind about that.

take care of yourself, and stay muscle-y with the docs. no one knows better than you do what’s normal for you. i’m so glad you made the doc say that testing should be done ‘now’ rather than ‘waiting and seeing’. maybe keep an ear peeled for a new doc, in case you should need one. dude, you’re not expendable.

keep the knitting handy, to help with the anxiety. normally, i’d say a glass or two of port at bedtime wouldn’t hurt — but since you’re bleeding: alcohol = bad. really stupid fiction can help, too, if you’re of the reading persuasion.

FIBROIDS! I knew it. Yes, Christine, you should call me sometimes, and I will share all of our family’s fibroid stories.

I wont hold my breath. I hope you start feeling “bloody” better. Ha, ha, ha.

(That’s a little fibroid humor folks. And yes, that is the reason Christine loves me because I am a dork.)

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