Just for Marilyn! And more…

Hey Mar, if the ones that Nicole posted weren’t enough – you can go to Sexual Positions Free to get more ideas for the honeymoon trip!

One of the new graphic designers at work sent in the most amazing portfolio, focused on drawing mannequins. He even sent a small one in with the portfolio – and I asked the lead designer if I could have it. Now it sits on my desk at work.

Speaking of work – I get to move to an OFFICE with my very own DOOR! It almost feels like I am graduating to the big kids table or something. This is the very first time I have ever had my own door. I am so excited!

Jason starts school tomorrow. Well, later today since technically it is already Tuesday. He will be in 4th grade this year – I can’t believe it. Did the school shopping thing tonight, and we are all set. We had meet the teacher today (yesterday… Monday) morning. She seems pretty nice, but it is hard to tell from a few minutes time! I really hope he has a good year this year! He is growing up so fast. I realized earlier that in less than 7 years he can get a drivers license… wow. I was thinking about the Car Formerly known as “White Trash Honda” and realized that we may as well keep it another 6 years and then it can be his first car. Ack! I can’t believe it. Wow.

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