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I was going to rant about NBC not replaying tonight’s Olympics. Last night the same thing that I had seen at 7pm aired again at 11pm or so. Tonight? Nope. I was getting “highlights” when I first turned on the TV. I was bummed too, since I had to work late and I had missed the Pairs Figure Skating finals. I already know who won (and Sale & Pelleteir were robbed) but I still want to watch it. Or rather Tivo it. I was really happy to see NBC replay the coverage at 12:45. Yeah! I get my skating! The Pairs are probably my favorite of the skating events, although I enjoy them all. I need to look and see what’s next … when are the Men’s Figure Skating events?

By Christine

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The Mens’ free skate is on Thursday, (that’s when medals are decided) and the womens’ is next Thursday, the 21st. I’m not sure when the compulsary rounds are, if they follow the trend of the pairs, the mens’ should be tomorrow and the womens’ next Tuesday, but don’t hold me to that, please!

Steven Tivoed (my new verb) it last night before we left for dance class, so I saw the Olympics for the first time in years. Sale & Pelleteir were definitely robbed! We’re Tivoing it tonight and the men’s short program is supposed to be on then.

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