Just Not The Same…

Oh. My. God. There is an Army Chaplain from Houston that is hoarding his little 500 gallon pool of pristine clean bathing water and using it to bribe soldiers to baptized. Yes, “It’s simple. They want water. I have it, as long as they agree to get baptized,” he said.

Because, you know, if you force them to be baptized to get a bath, that’s just like volunteering to do it because you believe.

I wonder – if you agree to it once, do you get to come back for repeat baths in the future? As long as you continue to profess that you believe? Or is it a one-time only deal?

Next he is considering hordeing the food to lure the soldiers in. For some reason I can’t stop rolling my eyes. [via Dori]

By Christine

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Question: does he think God will love him more because he helped so many people “develop” relationships with Him?
or would the Christian God instead be happier if the guy just shared it all and set an example of being a good Christian? Hrmm…I wonder.

Wow. I can’t even begin to state how much that bugs me – not just the bribery, but because it’s happening in the Army. I thought (incorrectly, perhaps) that the chaplains were supposed to be nondemoninational, too?

What’s next – bullets blessed with holy water? What Would Jesus Fire? The Catholic Church tried selling salvation once before. It didn’t work. Yeesh.

Apparently the Chaplan has missed the whole point of Baptisim.

The act of Baptisim doesn’t make you “saved” it meant to be a proclamation of a changed heart. If you don’t truly believe inside, the act of baptisim won’t make any difference.

This guy has good intentions, but his methods are all wrong.

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