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I decided to watch a few minutes of the Academy Awards and caught Cathering Zeta-Jones winning the best supporting actress. I haven’t seen “Chicago” yet, but I’ve heard great things about her part in the movie, so I’m not surprised she won. But what’s up with the instant replay after the thank you speech? She accepted her award and was walking off the stage, and they cut to an instant replay of the announcement that she won! Why are they doing that?

And what was up with Sean Connery’s ascot? Ruffle froo-froo, at it’s finest!

By Christine

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What other items can we rip from the playbooks of sportscasts?

Challenge the play? the losing nominees throw a yellow flag on stage, and the Academy board have 90 seconds to review?

Or how about the puck comet trail like Fox does for NHL games? Highlight the Oscar envelope so we know where it is at all times?

Oh shoot! I completely forgot that the Oscars were tonight! I was so busy working on redesigning that I forgot to watch! Oh well – I guess I can skip the drama and just find out tomorrow morning who won. 🙂

I stopped in at work for a little while tonight and we were all complaining about that. If they were awards from MUCH earlier then maybe it would have been OK, but it ended up being just very annoying! Whoever made that decision needs to be sat down and had a talking to.

yeah they did that all night long. it was kinda disconcerting because we were watching among doing other chores and we kept feeling like we were going crazy because we had already seen something.

When I first saw the great Scotsman walk on stage it was only from the waist up. With the ascot I was sure he was going to be wearing a kilt and I was giddy from it. I was heartily dissapointed to find out he was not.

I’m all for letting the other nominees challenge the play. That would be a heck of a lot more interesting than the musical numbers.

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