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Once again, I’ve ignored the news for a few days – only this time, I knew there was a hurricane out there. Living near the Gulf Coast, ignoring the news this time of year is not a good idea. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Katrina is a category 5 hurricane and about to hit New Orleans. Man. That is going to be one hell of a storm.

Mike’s great aunt who lives in New Orleans has left for Baton Rouge. Hopefully her house – and everyone else in the city – will come through the storm intact.

It has been awhile since a hurricane has hit Houston. I know our time is coming soon.

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Dale’s stepdad’s cousin’s neice (whew) drove in to Houston last night from New Orleans, with her dog and cat in tow, to stay with Dale’s parents for a couple of weeks. Last news I heard, New Orleans was having a forced evacuation. 🙁

I forget which hurricane it was, it was about 12’ish years ago maybe, but it was pretty strong, maybe a cat4. They had NO idea where it would hit, but we were definately in its projection zone. The weather guys were freaking early on this one it was so strong. They were concerned about evacs riding out the storm on the freeways because so many would wait till the last minute.

I was waitressing back then, and lived in Dickinson. I had that night off, and was supposed to work the next night. I called in to tell them I was leaving. They only gave me a little bit of a hard time since others had already called in too. I wanted to miss the crowds; I packed some stuff, and put my pets in the car to stay with my parents who weren’t so far south.

That storm shifted and missed Houston, hitting an area that wasn’t densely populated. But it went all the way through either San Antonio or Austin (again I don’t remember LOL). The evacs on their way home from whichever city it was got stuck in flood waters from the hurricane going inland that far (I didn’t, I got lucky and went to the other city).

But that experience taught me to either evac early, or be ready to ride it out. I almost always have a few weeks of non-perishables in the pantry just because I hate shopping LOL, but it helps for the times when everyone rushes the stores for possible disasters.

Here’s Live Journal’s New Orleans community:

we hit IHOP for breakfast yesterday morning and there were a couple of families that had driven from NOLA. I can’t imagine having to leave my home behind and just hope that it’s still there when I return.

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