Keeping America Scared…

The other day, someone e-mailed me and said that I shouldn’t vote for Kerry just because I won’t vote for Bush. He went on to tell me that Bush deserved credit for keeping the USA safe, for keeping me safe.

I wrote back and told him I don’t agree. We have now lived under a rather constant cloud of fear since 2001. Three years. I don’t feel safe. Thanks to things like Homeland Security, I feel that we are all at risk of losing a lot of our civil liberties. I had no problems travelling overseas, but before I left, I was afraid that I would be under attack for being an American. I feel like every time we start to let our guard down, the government reminds us that we might be attacked. Terrorists. Terrorism. Global war on terror.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot for the past two days – politics, the upcoming election, all of my fears tied to it. Maybe that’s part of why I’ve been so quiet. It’s just really sad when you think about it.

I agree with TJ – the link below should be the latest Republican ad campaign. Because when you listen to them, it seems like this is all they can talk about. (You need Quicktime to watch it.)

George W. Bush – Keeping America Scared.

By Christine

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We’re less safe than we were before 9/11 because Bush invaded Iraq, IMNSHO. He couldn’t have done more to help Osama bin Laden if he’d handed him money and weapons.

We weren’t significantly safer or less safe than we were before 9/11 between 9/11 and the invasion. We just grokked we could be hit, which we only knew intellectually before then.

I don’t think it is Bush that keeps us in fear, I think it is our memories of 9/11 that are still fresh in our minds. I think it is good for the government to protect us and if that mean reminding us we are targets, so be it. If we just try to forget everything and go on with life like we did on September 10th, I think that makes us more vulnerable. If we stop being vigilant and aware of our surroundings and the people around us and what they are doing, I think we once again set ourselves up for an attach even worse than 9/11. I don’t think it is fair to blame Bush for instilling fear. I think any president needs to keep us awake and our eyes wide open, because regardless of who is in office in the USA, the extremists will still hate us and will still look for any possible way to harm us. I rather be aware and prepared than shocked again like 9/11. But that’s just my two cents.

I think that MANY aspects of our government keep us safe, including the military, police forces, etc. – George W. Bush himself does nothing to keep me safe. I don’t think Bush instills fear – I think he uses fear as a tool to scare the public. He pumps it up a lot.

I don’t think that going on with life like we did on September 10th makes us more vulnerable. I think it could have happened at any time, it just so happened to be then. Attacks like that can be a way of life in other countries – I think the USA was fortunate and therefore naive to think it wouldn’t happen here. Then again, I think that airport security is still a joke, and there are so many things that a true terrorist could do to attack us. Heck, Timonthy McVeigh did it with a truck and fertilizer.

If we had ever had a “security alert status” of lower than yellow in the past 3 years, I might feel differently. I think that scaring the crap out of the citizens has been an effective tactic for Bush and personally … I’m tired of it.

it cracks me up to hear people who honestly believe george bush has made us safer. what has he done to make us “safer”? by attacking iraq he has made us more hated in the arab world. he has also put our troops in harms way for some ficticious weapons of mass destruction.

on top of that, he has removed some of our freedoms via the patriot act. i can sleep safer knowing the government can track me easier without needing subpoenas and such. i can feel at ease knowing they can come take me away if they suspect that i may be a terrorist. i know i know, “if i’m not doing anything wrong, why should i care?” well i do care. my freedoms and liberties are one of the most important things to me. i have security clearances and work for the government and would NEVER do anything against our government other than speak out about things i don’t agree with. so i have nothing to worry about … except that by taking away a few freedoms at a time, it makes it easier to eventually get rid of all of them.

and laura, i work a mere two miles from the pentagon. right across the river from dc. if you think i’ve forgotten 9/11, you’re nuts. you can’t forget 9/11 around here.

that video is classic – and well done. and makes me realize how funny the word terrorist sounds when you say it over and over again… I think that 9/11 was such a defining moment and no one has yet figured out the right mixture of respect and … i don’t know the word… to use when talking about it so they end up exploiting it…. that’s my 2 cents.

Without entering the political debate here, I’ll say that this was damn funny. Also a very skilled piece of editing. Now I know there’s a silver lining to election years.

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