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Keeping the Peace…

When it comes to the Nobel Peace Prize, “Thousands of people around the world have the right to make nominations, including members of all national parliaments, members of international law courts, professors of history, social science, philosophy and theology and former winners.” So, who was it that nominated Bono? [via Biz Stone]

By Christine

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12 replies on “Keeping the Peace…”

Sorry that was me, i meant to put down Gonzo, but with the alcohol and being tired I kept thinking Sunny Bono … and end up writing Bono. I have been on the phone with Sweden all day but they don’t seem to “Habla Engles” …

I’m hearing that a lot of people are mad he got nominated…but I don’t see many celebrities doing as much as he does to raise consciousness about issues like AIDS and world debt. Nothin’ like a rock star to make the superficial idiots get up and do stuff because a rock star says it’s cool.

I’m with Katie. I don’t get what everyone thinks the problem is. I think he has done a lot for debt relief in poorer nations and raising the african aids issue when it’s not the hip thing to do (cause aids is so, like, 80s ya know?). And besides, he’s just nominated – it’s not his fault. 🙂

I’ll bet the same people who rigged the bloggies, rigged this!! I just KNOW it! It’s a popularity contest!! (hey, how come I’m not on there?) 😉

(this was joke. this was just a joke. If this was a real comment, the winky face at the end would not have been included, and you would have been given instructions to beat me up. You may now continue on with your regular blogging… oh, and could someone PLEASE get me some cold medicine… I’m geting punchier by the minute, and my jokes are getting worse and worse… )

I think it’s about time he was nominated. He has done so much work not only in foreign debt relief, but with AIDS and other charities as well. If he has to use his “rock star” fame to get it done, then so be it. At least he’s standing up and putting his money where his mouth is, which is more than I can say for other celebrities out there. He may just be an Irish rock star, but he’s a rock star with a voice and he’s not afraid to use it to help others. I say more power to him and I hope he gets picked.

Here in Dublin, where Bono is from, he swans around in his massively huge house in a massively expensive area of the county & basically ignores the “peasants”.

Yes, he is bringing AIDS awareness to the forefronts of peoples minds & all that but, in my opinion, AIDS awareness shouldn’t have been allowed to become such a hush-hush, backseat topic in the 1st place.

Sorry, but I don’t think he’s doing anything amazingly wonderful. Just putting his name & star-status to topics that should be an every day concern, not just when someone famous says we should be aware of them.

Ssss boobka, you are calling the wrong place. We don’t do peace prizes, the Norwegians do. And I can tell you we have a lot of jokes about stupid Norwegians here…. (and they about us for some odd reason) ;o)

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