Kitty Report

So Kitty #3 came home with us Friday night after a visit to the vet to make sure she was in good health. No parasites in her stool, no feline AIDs, and she is definately a SHE, but she doesn’t have a scar from being “fixed” that they can feel. They said she could have had the surgery and it was just healed well though. The other two cats are both fixed, so I don’t have to worry about pregnant cats around here, but I will probably have her fixed too eventually.

The other two cats are behaving pretty well with her around. Mona keeps hissing or doing the grumble growl when she comes into the room, but that’s it. No chasing attack fights. Murphy has been his usual laid back self. Kitty hisses or grumble growls when either of them are too close to her, but no fights! Yeah! That was my biggest fear.

The vet said they didn’t think she had been living outside for too long, and she isn’t underweight (although she is only 8.6 pounds) She peed on the carpet in Jason’s bedroom though. UGH. I hope that is not an issue with the litter box. It smelled sort of “off” though, so I HOPE she was just marking a spot, you know – claiming some turf. The cats aren’t normally allowed in his room, so it probably smelled pretty “kitty free” to her so she felt safe in claiming her zone. He didn’t notice that she had followed him in there until she was leaving her spot!

I have taken a few photos of her, I will post them as soon as I find where I put my card reader for the camera! Hopefully I didn’t leave it at the office. Other than playing kitty mommy, I didn’t do much at all this weekend. Cleaned the kitchen, rearranged cabinets, played with Jason. He has another project for school, so we worked on that yesterday too. And I watched a lot of HGTV to get into the holiday spirit! Learning how to make ornaments and stuff like that.

Kitty doesn’t have an official name yet. Chelsey thought we should name her Muffin Chop. I said it should be “Isabella Muffin Chop” because she is soooo pretty, and “Bella” fits her pretty well! When I post her pictures later you guys can tell me what you think she should be named!

By Christine

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I love your site! I’ve been reading it for awhile now, I’ve just never responded to anything. But, I wanted to tell you that I have a tortoise shell calico named “Bella” and I thought the same thing when I adopted her two years ago. I’ve never seen a more beautiful cat! Bella DEFINITELY fits her well!

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