Kitty Update…

Just got back from talking to the vet people, and they said that (like the website says) it sounds like she has tapeworms, and that the other cats can’t get it. It has to go through the flea host, and since they are all flea free that’s not a problem. What I am seeing are just segments. Since this is a new problem, and she is otherwise symptom free, the first day they would even book an appointment for is Monday or Wednesday. Wednesday works better with payday and the money situation, and they reassured me (twice) that she will be just fine if we wait until then to treat her. I don’t need to quarantine her any more – which is also good news because she was driving me crazy this morning scratching at the door as I left. Poor thing – but I didn’t want the other guys to get sick. They also said that when it shows up in humans is only in “very young children” who ingest the fleas – and Jason, at 9 and nearly 100lbs (he’s a tall, big kid) is nowhere near susceptible, and I’m not either. They are all getting a dose of flea treatment on Wednesday just to be safe.

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