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Know what I like about blogging? It gives us another opportunity for contact, to talk with others. Thanks LaVonne from “huh??” for taking the time to write to me about my migraines last week. For the rest of you – if you have migraines, pay attention to what is around you, what may be triggering them. For her it is fragrance – any fragrance. I have known others with this, and what a pain – you never realize what all has fragrance in it. For me, last week was hormones (come back in 28 days, I’ll have another migraine) but I also get them from cigarette smoke, some perfumes and fragrances (ironic that I made heavily scented soaps for 6 months – but I knew my trigger scents), and some types of flowers (gardenias & some lilys in case you are sending any! Roses and most mixed bouquets are fine). Taking B6 *daily* (which I often forget) is the best thing for the hormone migraines, and it helps lower my blood pressure too. Doctors don’t say no to it, so if you have problems with borderline high blood pressure, try 100mg of B6 every morning. (Check with your doctor first!) and see if that lowers it.

Thanks again LaVonne! Now I have to go learn how to use include files too – that would make life much more simple!

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