Lager Rhythms – LIVE!!!

I have been a bad wife. I didn’t point out earlier that the group that Mike is in, the Lager Rhythms, perform TONIGHT at the Mucky Duck! In the Houston area? Like GOOD live music? Then go and check them out! I can guarantee you will have a fabulous time!

I’ll miss tonight’s show – I’m going with Kymberlie to see Sting and Annie Lenox. She loves Sting, and I found out about the concert just days before her birthday back in March, so we got tickets as soon as they went on sale a few days after her birthday!

By Christine

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came from Miz Kitty’s –
maybe I am still in reunion mode (having just returned from my 36th – long story) but I went to school with Lagers and wondered if perhaps the name of the group is the name of the man???? There were twins older than I – Mike and Larry, I believe.

anyway – just a question from a weird alaskan moose-type person

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