Laura’s New Pictures

Yeah! Laura added new pictures! Did I mention before that her beagles are absolutely precious in person? I am not a big dog person, although I want a Golden Retriever or Yellow Lab someday, but her dogs had me won over immediately when I visited her back in May. They are so sweet! Hmmm… maybe I should get a beagle instead? *grin* Jason & I will be going to see “Cats and Dogs” this weekend. I wonder if I will spot my cats in any of the character’s personalities.

By Christine

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Be warned, if you go see Cats & Dogs, your son will be BEGGING your for a beagle. Beagles are awesome pets, especially for families with children. After you get through the first year of puppiness, they are the most laid back lazy dogs you will ever have.

I loved your beagles. Such sweeties. I don’t have patience for puppiness – I would consider adopting an older one though – I know that there are “rescues” for other breeds out there; maybe when the time is right I will look for a Beagle Rescue. Or maybe if you know of one up for adoption, Laura, you could let me know? 🙂

I tell you what – after Cats & Dogs, everyone will be running out to get their kid a beagle to keep them quite. Then when they realize they aren’t dog people, I bet you in a few months there will be a lot up for adoption. Just like what happened when 101 Dalmations came out. I’ll keep my ears open for an older beagle!

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