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Lay and Skilling are Found Guilty…

The End of a Good Day...It made me quite happy today to turn on the TV and discover that the jury was already back on the Enron trial, and the jurors found Lay and Skilling guilty. I worked with people that were hit financially by the Enron collapse, and even now I feel a twinge of bitterness every time I see the old Enron buildings. Such greed, excess, cooking the books … crazy. All of it was just terrible, and it seems like very few people in Houston didn’t know someone that was hit by it directly. I’m glad to see that they were found guilty, and it will be interesting to hear this fall what their sentence will be. I’m hope that they will get a taste of what they deserve. It is impossible for them to feel the weight of all the pain they caused, but a taste of it is better than nothing.

By Christine

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The blogosphere talks about the Enron verdicts…

I’ll be keeping track of what other blogs are saying about the Ken Lay/Jeff Skilling verdicts here. If you spot a thoughtful post related to the verdicts that’s not already here, e-mail me. I’ll post new ones at the top…….

Good to see justice finally being served. I have one observation/question: Jeff Skilling was senior partner at McKinsey & Company, which is probably the most powerful behind-the-scenes entity in the corporate world; he was the lead person at McKinsey’s Houston office for the Enron account before he left to join Enron.

McKinsey is full of incredibly smart out-of-the-box thinkers and I wonder if anyone at McKinsey was involved in devising some of the ingenious (albeit illegal) schemes at Enron and why this question has never been asked…

Unfortunately they (Lay and Skilling) will never suffer as much as those whose lives they completely shattered. They were found guilty – but I’m afraid they won’t be sentenced as we all hope they would be. It would be unfair, but I’m afraid they will only get a slap on the hand. Meanwhile, Mr Lay has returned to his $5million condo. I would have loved to have seen him transported to jail – immediately – to await sentencing.

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