Live from New York … It’s Saturday Night!

I was going to watch “Snatch” which I borrowed from the apartment office library (yes, they loan us movies for free, isn’t that cool?) Then I realized that Saturday Night Live with Reese Witherspoon hosting is on. Can I just say once again that I love Mayor Giuliani? He opened the show with numerous fightfighters and policemen behind him, and the commissioners beside him and he said, “On September 11th, more lives were lost then on any other single day in American history. More than Pearl Harbor and more than D-Day. The men, women and children who were in the World Trade Center came from across the country and 80 different nations. They were living their lives and pursuing their dreams and they too are remembered as heroes. On our city’s darkest day, our heroes met the worst of humanity with the best of humanity. Their acts of heroism saved more than 25,000 lives. But even as we grieve for our loved ones, it’s up to us to face the future with renewed determination. Our hearts are broken, but they are beating, and they are beating stronger than ever. New Yorkers are unified. We will not yield to terrorism, we will not let our decisions be made out of fear. We choose to live our lives in FREEDOM.”

I went to have dinner last night with my parents. It was uneventful for the most part, aggrivating as usual. I was a bit stunned when my Mom was commenting on how a flight wouldn’t take off because the pilot wouldn’t fly with the Middle Eastern people on the plane. (They are now complaining about the discrimination.) I thought that was terrible… but before I could say that she went on to say how she wouldn’t fly if there was someone on her flight that was from the Middle East. How did I grow up in her house and end up with such a different viewpoint??? I guess that is the key to why we don’t get along – I don’t see anything from the same angle!

Paul Simon is singing on SNL now – off key and the band has made a few boo-boos. I love listening to Simon & Garfunkel – songs from my childhood. This messed up version is really ruining it for me…

Oooooh… the Mayor is talking again. Oh my… CLASSIC. The producer (?) is out there with the Mayor. He is talking about how New York is “open for business” and that is why it is important that they do the show. The producer asked, “Can we be funny?” … and Giuliani answered, “Why start now?” Hehehe… classic! I am getting all misty-eyed and choked up as the Mayor kicks it off with “Live… From New York… It’s Saturday Night!” You know, I bet if he ran for president tomorrow he would win it by a giant landslide – I don’t care how high Bush’s ratings are right now. Can I tell you how safe I would feel then? Well, I am sure he has some flaws, and I am not up on politics enough to know how he stands on everything but still I would vote for him. Just because.

By Christine

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I agree with you Christine. I would love to see this country in the hands of Giuliani and it wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t at least asked to run by his party. Actually, it would disappoint me if they didn’t. (What is he democrat or republican?)

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