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Lomo, Lomo, Lomo, Lomo!

Weeks ago, I won a Lomo for dirt cheap over on eBay, and it has taken forever to get here from the Ukraine, but it has finally arrived! Now I’ll have to go get film at lunch and go out snapping before the thunderstorms begin this afternoon. Any suggestions, tips or tricks you want to share – I would love to hear them!

By Christine

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It was $80 for the camera, and about $90 once they added shipping on. Didn’t get the cool box that you get at Amazon or the Lomo site, but decided the camera is really all that I need!

You simply MUST check out this cross-processing thing. Use slide film and ask to have it developed like regular film. The results are amazingly cool. I just posted a mess of new ones in my lomohome.

P.S. Can you answer my email from last week. Pretty please? 😉

oh christine, that is awesome! so you got the kompakt or however you spell it? does the person you bought it from have other listings on ebay? i am kinda sketched out buying one off ebay because i am worried it might be faulty.

I have never shot with one, always been faithful to my Nikon F4 and my newly aquired Cannon PowerShot, my only suggestion shot as often as you can with it, they are incredibly unique cameras that produce fantastic images.

I just got the Lomo LC-A (the Kompact). I also have a Lubitel, which is made by the Lomo factory.

The Lomography site offers other cameras for sale, but they are not made by Lomo, they are just sold by the Lomography company. The action sampler is made in China, for example.

Hi! I got my Lomo LC-A from ebay, too. The seller I used was “ustas” you can search for his auctions on advanced search:
I love the lomo. I have mixed feelings about my prints, but it’s a totally fun camera! I did shoot a roll of slide film but have not yet had it cross processed because I don’t know who does that. If I go to the local “pro” shop they are all *ssholes and I don’t want to give them my money or listen to their attitude. But I don’t know if chain shops cross process. I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually.

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