London Bound, Baby!

London Bound!Mike is going to London for work and this time I GET TO GO ALONG! Wheeee!!! Almost two years to the day from when I left London last time. And I get to take the fancy pants camera this time! I will have lots of time by myself while he is in meetings, which is perfect time for me to explore and take tons of pictures. Last time I went, I kept having issues with my camera battery giving out on me before the end of the day – this time, my camera has a battery that doesn’t give up for days on end. I have a big memory card. I am all set!

Unfortunately, Jason doesn’t have a passport, and even doing an express passport we wouldn’t have enough time to get one for him. I’m going to go and get him one later this summer though, so if this comes up again he can come along too. He is pretty excited about spending a week with my parents, and my Mom is making some fun plans for him while we are gone, so I am sure he will have a good time.

So far, I have plans to go to a knitting group meeting with Ann one night, and I’m sure that a stop in Liberty and Loop will be in order too. (Ann will be out of town when the group meets at Liberty, but I might go on my own.) I want to go back to see the Tower of London, and visit some of the museums that we didn’t go and see last time – Mike mentioned the British History Museum, and I found the Textile Museum and Sherlock Holmes Museum that I want to check out. I always enjoy the little quirky museums like that! Maybe another trip to Kensington Palace too – our time there last time was pretty short because we were leaving for Paris later that day.

To make things really perfect, we are staying at the Marriott right by the London Eye and Big Ben – so no matter where I am in London, I have great reference points to get me back there! Another fabulous thing? Their weather right now! I looked it up last night, and the temperatures are still in the 70s over there during the day – so I can wear knitted goods! I’ll be speed knitting on my Clapotis this week to try and get it ready to wear when I am there! I wonder what else I could whip up in just a week?

So, if you were going to London, what would you go and see? Where have you been that is worth checking out? And if you live in or near London and want to get together, let me know! Which reminds me, I need to let Jen know that I am coming over so I can meet up with her and baby Finley!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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You should do the London Walks – there are a whole bunch of them, but my favorite is The London Walk, which last year left from Westminister Station, and covered all the main attractions in that part of the city. I also went on the one for the British Museum, and saw all the key exhibits in two hours – which was perfect for our busy schedule. Best part – they are only five pounds a piece, and well worth it, plus you get exercise walking around.


Girl, Houston *is* the town where passports are processed. I know of like 5 places that (for an extra ~$100) will take the passport application and WALK it through the Passport office, and return you the finished passport in 24 hours. (yes, I’ve used them once or twice – lost passports, and all)

Odd, when I called they said they would need at least a week. When I had the one done before my honeymoon (12 days before my flight), they said it went off to New Orleans I thought. Hmmm… I should call them again. However, unfortunately, the free airline miles budget will only allow for one ticket right now – but by next year, we should have enough miles for more. That would end up being an even more limiting factor, because I don’t have $1000 right now to buy a plane ticket.

@MA – good to hear the feedback on the London Walks! I was looking at those last night, so it is nice to hear that they are good. I’m adding them to my list of things to do!

That’s awesome! I’ve technically been to London cause I was in the airport for like 2 hours, but that doesnt count. It’s someplace I’ve always wanted to visit, post pictures! 🙂

*shakes fist* I’m so jealous it’s not even funny.

As always, I recommend Vama restaurant. We also enjoyed the Victoria and Albert Museum and I absolutely loved the Notting Hill flea market.

oh gosh – I think we might be there at the same time. I head over to stay w. friends on the 14th-20. I’ve been several times, but I have yet to see Kew Gardens which are supposed to be fantastic! I’m also planning on more time in the British Museum (complete with an afternoon tea).

I also HIGHLY recommend the British Library ( because 1. it’s free and 2. they have some awesome manuscrips and cool stuff. I loved the part where you could look at a handwritten piece by Handel and listen to the music at the same time. They’ve also got a handwritten copy of Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare’s first folio, etc. It is worth a visit if you haven’t been.

was there late last year and can confirm that while worth it… LOTS is out of the V&A for renovations. Still good to go, but not as good as it used to be.
For all the plunder taken from everywhere else- definitely hit the British Museum.
The Tate is definitely worth it (but you aren’t supposed to take photos).

After museums I find walking around (covent Garden is a fav area) to be the most fun.

How I wish I was going to London. Especially as I am trying to get my own fancy schmancy camera brought over the ocean myself (I want it so bad I can taste it) and it is getting to be a bigger and bigger pain to find someone to carry it in the carry on for me!

Lucky lucky! Don’t miss out on the West End shows! Forget TKTS and hit the side streets to get the best deal on day-of tickets, but the cheapest tickets are often purchased straight fromt the box office. We saw a show a night and often for around 10-15$. The Globe is also fantastic (and standing tickets are super cheap)!

That and the chocolate cake in the Orangery in Kingsington Park is absolutely divine!

Wow – that is so exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
My DH says the weather should be nice this time of year. Not too hot or cold. (but be sure to pack an umbrella)

Have a great time!!

Hi I was looking for another website and up popped yours and I continude to read – I love it and want to make one too. I live in the Cotswolds in rural Gloucestershire UK. We go to London for a girlie day out once or twice a year. Went 3 weeks back and saw Billie Elliott show – just SO funny very English, but wow factor is superb. Tickets sold by touts in the Covent Garden area – another place really worth a visit for meals shopping and a sit down in the sun watching the street entertainers We also had a cocktail at Tower 42 before hand which is one of London’s tallest buildings and it has fabulous views. You can eat there it has a retaurant on it’s 42nd floor. Free to go to but you must book, look it upp on a web site first, ask to sit facing the river. The Gerkin building is right next door and looks tiny !!! I like the idea of you wearing your knitted gear but you’ll die in the heat. 70 doesn’t sound hot but you will be squashed sevral times a day in taxis not airconditioned and tubes which are SO hot down there a bikini would be more suitable !!! Just have a wander around Harrod especially the food dept just to say you’ve been and perhaps bought a Harrods Teddy Bear it’s still a spectacular store and the service is still spot on.

Enjoy your visit and I will visit your web page again to see how you got on.

Regards Sarah Day

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