Makin’ Babies … Sims style

Sabby had me laughing sooooo hard tonight. She was telling me about her poor impotent Sims. She can’t get the Sabby Sim to have a baby. (See her 5/21 9:48pm entry) Naomi said that she has done it before, but hers were in the kitchen kissing and “whammo” the stork delivered.

I haven’t ever played the Sims, but after this I just have to check it out. Too funny.

By Christine

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4 replies on “Makin’ Babies … Sims style”

wey hey my sims have just had a delivery from the stork today! poor mrs sim isnt getting much sleep and as the kid is the result of a sordid affair with mr sims brother i dont think mr sim wants to help out! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE!

trust me your sims grow up after 3 days, but dont move them out of that house cos the baby will be deleted and the ssims will have to start the babyhood over again

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