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Mary, Queen of Pizza…

Vision of MaryI get having faith. Especially when you live in a neighborhood that has problems with gangs. You might need something to cling to for belief. But seeing a vision of Mary in a pizza pan? Hundreds of people coming to pray to a pizza pan? People driving here from Corpus Christi or Austin to see it?

Come on people. That is just a bit over the top.

I wonder if Mac will still get on the plane on Sunday after seeing this news. Or maybe she will want to go and visit the pizza pan?

Anyone want to place bets on how long it takes for GoldenPalace to make offers to buy this? They can put it alongside the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich after all.

By Christine

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4 replies on “Mary, Queen of Pizza…”

We saw this on the local news last night. Chris is Catholic, so I put him on the spot to defend what we were seeing on tv.

I was also getting a chuckle over the people who were visiting the pizza pan…since most of them speak English as a second language (and Spanish first) they kept referring to the image as the “Birgin”.

I don’t know why I think that is so funny.

Apparently, our predilection for seeing human images in food is in our nature. A recent study suggests that humans are predisposed to look for the face in things from an early age. Think back–you probably see the roughest images of smiley faces in a lot of places. I saw one in the casserole I was putting together the other night. We’re just so used to doing it that we put it out of our head. And then some folks are much more religiously inclined, and naturally, they’re more likely to see la Virgen. We see what we want to see–hence potato chips bearing a likeness to Honest Abe. I bet I found Star Trek references in my food when I was an obsessive, fanatical Trekkie. It’s just our nature.

That lady with the grilled cheese sandwich was from down here where I live! Crazy!

Does anyone remember the “sighting” on the wall of an overpass somewhere? People were flocking and praying to it!

I also read that study about how we look for faces in things. I swear I once saw the face of Jesus in a water stain on the ceiling above my shower. And I am not even a Christian! It DID look like a man’s face, though.

I almost took a picture and sold it on eBay.

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