Michael, Row The Boat Ashore…

I can’t go to work. I’m literally trapped at home – the street in front of my apartment’s parking lot is completely flooded. I saw one car get through, but it was a larger sedan – I don’t feel up to having my Honda Civic float away today. Hopefully it will go down fast – it was raining pretty hard when I got up this morning, lots of thunder and lightening, but now it has slowed down to a drizzle. I just hope it stays that way – no one in Houston wants a repeat of June, 2001, when Hurricane Allison hit and we had 21 inches of rain in 24 hours. We need rain right now – but we don’t need it all on one day!

The game last night against the Orioles was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen at Minute Maid Park. Some of the innings were pretty slow, which is why there were several photos in the MoBlog, but other innings we kicked ass! Whooooo hoooo! Go Astros! Also, it’s the first game that I have ever been to in the past 10 years where I witnessed Biggio doing something worth seeing – he hit a home run. Normally, every game I’ve been to he strikes out or hits a line drive that is caught and he’s out by the time he hits first. The biggest highlight was Ensberg’s grand slam in the 8th inning. It was a sweet! Last night was a very, very good game.

By Christine

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It’s been a long time since I have been to Houston (talking 70’s here) – what happened to the Astrodome? I see in one of your MoBlogs pixs the baseball field and it doesn’t look closed in. How out of touch am I? The Astro’s was the 1st baseball team I saw as a kid. Dad would take the family once a month to the games. (We lived in Lake Jackson, TX)

I had the same experience a few years ago after a big storm rolled through town. A lot of the streets were flooded. I was able to get out of my apartment, but I was unable to find a way to get to work that didn’t involve driving through water. And one other time, I ended up stalling my car after trying to get through a flooded road trying to get to McDonald’s for lunch. I guess I should have brought my lunch that day…LOL.

The Astrodome is scheduled to be demolished. I know, very sad – the 8th wonder of the world and all of that, one of the first domed stadiums. Personally, I hated going to games there – after growing up going to games in Chicago, the Astrodome just didn’t feel like a “real” ballpark. Enron Field opened in 2000, and changed owners and names last year to Minute Maid Park. It is build in the fashion of the “old time” baseball parks, and has a retractable roof. A lot like Safeco Field and some of the other new parks being built in the past few years.

Reliant Stadium opened last year just in time for the Texans first season, so the poor Astrodome isn’t needed anymore…

what a morning…sheeeze!

i can’t wait for us to go to a game, i do enjoy that park, i just hate the name…Minute Maid Field. of course, i still call it Enron, just like i still call it the Summit and Transco Tower.

you can’t force this OLD DOG, to do NEW tricks, ya know!


We didn’t get one lick of rain…tons of thunder and lightning to keep us up through the night, and not one drop to show for it!

I hope you’re able to make it to work soon…What am I saying?! No I don’t! I hope you get stuck at home all day, and you get to have a nice relaxing day off. Go play some Super Mario or something… 😉

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