Miss The Amazing Race?

Do you miss it? I know I do. When is it coming back? I know they are doing a second season. I want it now! So I got a fix over at Kevin and Drew’s site – “they came pretty close to winning CBS’s The Amazing Race” There are a ton of pictures there – which could be much better organized of course if they had a photo log – even a photo Drew with THE Guido (Team Guido’s dog, Guido, hence the name of the team…) And look! “We will be covering the Superbowl for Rosie O’Donnell. She is giving us a film crew to use as we please and we will re-appear on her show after the game to show the video we shoot.” Cool!

OH! Look! More! Links over to other sites! Frank & Margarita’s site is listed, but it isn’t really full of goodie info yet. Their is a link to Rob & Brennan’s site Oh look, Rob’s passport is up for auction. That’s just wrong. Very wrong. Come on guys, you won all that money and yet… ah, whatever. And there is a link to the infamous Team Guidos’ site! Team Guido Sucks! Nah, not really … they turned out to be ok guys in the end.

Wow. A yummy lunch with the co-workers. Some Amazing Race photos to relive the memories. Jennifer hooking me up with a kick-ass layout for my photolog. What more could a girl ask for?

By Christine

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