Mmmm… Feed Me…

I’m getting ready for school next week, and I’m accepting the fact that my time online will be cut back again. This is forcing me to look at my surfing habits again – there is only so much time in the day, you know? So I am going back to my trusty RSS feeds. I love using NewsGator Online. Love, love, love it. The interface is pretty. If I accidentally click on a feed, I don’t have to worry about it marking it as read if I’m not done with it. I can access it from any computer, which is important since I use 2-3 different ones. I have my “Subscribe to Newsfeed” bookmarklet, so it is easy to subscribe to anything. I have folders set up for News, Friendblogs, Geekblogs, Knitblogs, and Photoblogs.

I need to finish converting everyone to using my FeedBurner feed, so if you read me via an RSS reader, can you switch your subscription over to this one?

I’ll miss seeing the pretty site designs, but it is much easier to zoom through the feeds. I’ll try to comment as much as I can still. That is the one bad thing about feeds – people forget to go and comment. Hey! You! Reading this on a feedreader! Come here and comment every once in awhile, ok? (It is the Internet equivalent of being told that you never call your mother, isn’t it?)

Mmmm… Feed Me…

I just discovered this free RSS to HTML PHP Script. I’m all about the free, and it looks like it could be useful for some future project.

Speaking of projects, last night we went to Kathy and Tom’s house, and I was smart and brought the yarn I bought to make Kathy a scarf. Her sister was the inspiration for the first scarf I crocheted, so the I’m making the second one for her. It’s a cream colored chenille, the pr0n star of yarns because it is “Thick and quick.” While watching Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (Unrated Extended Edition), I managed to crochet about half of the scarf, even while laughing – that movie was pretty damn funny. Two thumbs up. (Two crochet hooks up?) I hope to finish the rest of it today while spending some time in the car.

I already have requests for future scarves – can I just tell you how happy that makes me?!? Wheeee!!! Crocheting for others is FUN!

Off for a day full of crafty goodness. It’s going to be a busy weekend, but I can’t wait!