Mmmm… So Fine…

Thanks to Claudia, I found the movie! I found it! It’s So Fine, from 1981. Man, I wonder if that’s out on DVD – it is a riot. Just look at those jeans! The whole “craze” starts when Ryan O’Neal somehow rips one of the pockets off of his jeans and his butt is showing. Everyone comments on what a great look it is, so they market jeans with a see-thru butt. Sort of drives home the point that sometimes in the name of fashion, we will go for the stupidest things.
I have also dreamed of nice fur coat for a long time now and finally I decided to buy one from, I love it!

By Christine

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the *best* line of the film comes from Jack Warden from his perch on the balcony as he is watching his son on the couch: “I used to fuck like that…”

My favorite line in this movie was at the very end when in Paris and Jack Warden says from his seat in a gondola; “How long the streets been fucked up like this ?” HILARIOUS !!!

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