Moral Delimnia…

I found myself in an interesting situation last Friday night. Here’s what happened … from there, I’m interested to know what *you* would have done if you were in my shoes. Tomorrow I’ll post what I did. Ok? Ready to play along?

9pm at night or so last Friday night I was leaving the office. There were still some co-workers at my office and a few other cars in the parking lot. Even though I was parked right next to the door, I was walking very cautiously because I noticed a pick-up truck further out in the parking lot and someone was sitting on the bed of the truck. A car was pulling in to the parking lot and driving over to the truck to pick the guy up. (He sounded a bit drunk and rowdy too.) As I paused to make sure I had my keys in one hand and was ready to go quickly to my car, I noticed that there was a black laptop bag sitting next to the large (3 foot tall) flower planter outside of the office door. A lot of people stop and stand by this planter while they smoke, so I’m sure someone has set the bag down and forgotten it. The car leaves with the guy in it, so I’m alone. I called my co-worker, Brian, and told him about the bag. I opened it up to discover there was a laptop inside, along with a $350 check and a pad of blank checks with a name, address and phone number on it.

So … you take it from there. What would you do?

By Christine

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Hehe, just to be different from everyone else, *I* would have taken it to the person’s home address (or whatever address you have) and personally delivered it then requested a reward at least equal to half the value of the returned goods. Just kidding, I would have called, though 🙂

Playing devils’ advocate here: Keep it. If you’re so forgetfull to leave the loot behind, then it’s only fair for the finder to keep it.

On the other hand, this reminds me of an ole episode of one of those hidden camera shows… the actor left something valuable behind and see what people do when they came across it…

Wow, I didn’t even think you were asking would we keep it. I mean, wow, shows you how naive my wee little mind is.

There’s no way I would have kept it or moved it or anything. I would have stood there until a co-worker (preferably not a close friend) or the police arrived. I ain’t moving it. But then, I’m from a place where the police don’t like to think too hard and just assume whoever’s nearest the stolen goods, stole it.

Even though you mentioned people stand there often, I just can’t imagine leaving a laptop full of checks there accidentally. And I’m forgetful queen over here, so if I wouldn’t do it, I can’t imagine someone else doing it.

Of course, I probably wouldn’t have opened it even for fear of it being a bomb. Erm, yes, I would say, paranoid much over in Ciscley-land.

this is what would be going thru my head. “take it. TAKE IT. take the friggin thing already! no no don’t return it….. noooo.” and of course, i’d take the steps to find the rightful owner. gawd i hate my conscience….

As I paused to make sure I had my keys in one hand and was ready to go quickly to my car
The car leaves with the guy in it, so I’m alone

I don’t think I would even have stopped to call the co-worker. I’d have gone home first and then called the phone number printed on the checks.

Well if there’s a check in there it should have a name on it. I would see if that person would in the office and return the bag and checks to him/her. If not, I would contact my boss and give him the bag and checks hoping that the person would come to claim it. I’m not one for claiming lost goods as my own. The common coin on the ground would be my only exception.

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