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Is it just me, or does it seem like recently the uber cool thing for the press to cover in the tech world is blogs? Not that I’m complaining (note Blogomania) I just think it’s pretty funny. The latest is Fast Company with All the News That’s Fit to Blog. Do you think all of this blog press coverage could have to do with the fact that the tech industry is still in a bit of a slump and there are so many unemployed designers out there who are happily blogging away in their abundent spare time?

By Christine

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So that’s why I feel so inadequate. I’m just a simple guy with no tech background (okay, I did design a few games in Basic on my Vic 20) trying to keep up with people who design for a living.

Not for nothing, but the reason is that the press is inherently elitist and blogging, to them, is abhorrent. Why let the PEOPLE publish anything? The masses are asses and the means to disseminate information must be controlled or dismissed as insignificant (I use that word a lot these days hhahahaha)

I agree, the reason it is being published so much is twofold: one, the “mainstream press” is lazy, and when one source reports on it, they all feel they have to take a stab at it, and two, they are worried. After all, we are now able to do what the journalists are doing, publish on a daily basis.

One thing I find in most all stories on Blogging (tho I haven’t read the one you cite), is that in the article they over-emphasize the fact that we are merely “amateur” and “hobbyists” and not, ahem, “real” journalists like they are.

Me thinks they are a bit worried about job security. Hmmm?

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