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Multi-tasking Television…

I’ve finally figured out why I can’t handle watching CNN normally. You have the person talking on the top half of the screen, then you have blurbs of news (some of which are quite amusing) along with the weather and the sports scores. It’s just too much to take in. Do I look at the person talking, or do I look at the blurbs that I want to read? I tend to be pulled in to the blurbs, and then I don’t hear what the news anchor says because I was focused on reading – thank goodness for Tivo! I keep rewinding it so I can catch something I miss.

Random bits from CNN tonight:
:: Bush’s Support Dropping: CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll: 1st time below 50%. (*cough*About time*cough*)
:: Baptist State Government? Alabama Governor Riley & staff have weekly Bible studies at his office. (And what if you’re not Baptist? Huh?)
:: Fewer Billionaires – Forbes list shrinks for 3rd yr in a row mostly due to stocks.
:: Anti-War Vote: AFL-CIO labor union passed resolution against Bush on Iraq. (This amuses me, but … it’s not like they are the government. I mean, they aren’t, right? They don’t really have control, do they?)
:: Pope & Dalai Lama Human Shields? A Deepak Chopra proposal to stop war. (Right. Ok. I just don’t see this being a viable option.)
:: Never Too Old? 80-yr-old Brit WWII vet got called up to report for duty in Iraq. (Well, at least he has experience?)
:: Threat Level Downgraded: Airports told to suspend random vehicle searches. (I wonder if Mike has changed his blog background yet?)
:: ‘Half Drunk’ Yankees pitcher Wells on his condition during 1998 perfect game.
:: 1,776 Feet: World’s tallest building design for WTC site recalls US independence. (More info here.)

Speaking of television, I finally recorded the episode of The Weakest Link with Ernie on it! I’ve only recorded the show daily since last fall when I first heard he was going to be on TV! I didn’t think it was ever going to happen, and then I was afraid that it was deleted accidentally. Not the case though – the time has finally arrived! Edited: I was amused by the look on Ernie’s face when he missed a question (the Good Shepherd was Jesus Christ, not Jacob…) so I had to take a screen capture the old-fashioned way – with my camera! Click on the image for the larger version.

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The background was changed earlier today with no fanfare. It’s just such a huge weight off my shoulders, I don’t even know how to express it anymore. Thank you, Tom Ridge. You’re the grooviest, Homelandiest security guy ever.

Oh, and that news about Bush’s support for re-election dropping to less than 50% was the best indication I’d seen in a long time that this country might be getting back on track–until I remembered that he won with less than 50% of the votes last time. Just like a championship team returning the next season with the same roster, as long as Dubya has Bre’r Jeb around in Florida and all his buddies on the Supreme Court, he’s gotta be the odds-on favorite to repeat. How awful.

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