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No Funny Stuff?

I was expecting the TiVo to be recording Last Comic Standing tonight. After all, it is the finale episode. Instead, I find “Father of the Pride” on. What? Where is the funny stuff?

I check the TiVo’s recording list – it says that it isn’t recording the show because it’s no longer in the lineup. Yeah, noticed that. “Father of the Pride” is ok, but not what I want to watch tonight. Where is the comedy?

Then I went to the website. “Watch the Father of the Pride Marathon TONIGHT to find out who is the Last Comic Standing.” WHAT?!? You want me to watch this instead of the finale I have been looking forward to? Are you guys serious?

I back the TiVo up to 7:00 to see if there is anything there. Just a commercial telling me that “Last Comic Standing will not air tonight. Watch Father of the Pride to find out who won, and the episode will air on Comedy Central later this week.”

This makes no sense, and I’m really annoyed. Why would you replace the final episode of the show with a bunch of Father of the Pride reruns? I just don’t get it.

And is it just me, or after everything that happened to Roy, isn’t it sort of creepy to have a show with him as the main character in animated form? I mean… I don’t know, I’m sure he’s ok with it (otherwise it wouldn’t be on), but it just seems odd.

UPDATE: They posted the winner information on the Last Comic Standing site and … whoo hoo! I wanted him to win!

By Christine

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6 replies on “No Funny Stuff?”

I love Father of the Pride. The Siegfried and Roy characters crack me up. I never watched Last Comic Standing, but do find it crazy/weird that they cancelled it with only one show remaining. Like they couldn’t just let it finish.

I gotta say, while I think Alonzo is funny, I’m surprised he won. I’ve noticed a trend on that show that when you get political in your set, people tend to vote you off. mostly b/c not everyone can laugh at their own candidate even when a joke is funny. so political jokes tend to piss off half of the audience. I honestly thought that Dave Mordal would take it this year.

i wish everyone would stop dogging tivo. it was not tivo’s fault that you didn’t get ti recorded. it was set to record what ever came on at that time and it was not the last comic standing it was the father of the pride. but that was stupid for them not to play the last eposode.oh well, at least you found out to won.

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