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No. No, That’s Just Wrong…

Maybe it’s just me, but “Sixteen Candles,” 16 Years Later, aka 32 Candles, is just wrong. Some movies should never have sequels. They should stand, proud in their perfect form, just as they are. 16 Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Breakfast Club are those movies for me.

Keep your money grubbing hands off of them, you crazy fools!

[Spotted on the Captivate elevator monitor, reminded of by Sarah.]

By Christine

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11 replies on “No. No, That’s Just Wrong…”

Yeah. I’m with you on this one. It’s like when they got that god awful idea to make a sequel to Gone with The Wind.

Hollywood has a limited sense of creativity, and doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.

I completely agree. Those movies are classics! No matter how slick the production is, they couldn’t top the original’s character (and characters).

I can picture myself sitting there, disappointed, wishing I’d just rented the original. 🙂

…Funny how ‘themes’ circulate round isn’t it?

I was just having a good old rant about Hollywood sequels elsewhere on my trail of destruction through Blog-land…

Basically I agree whole-heartedly with your sentiment. Why re-make what was made right in the first place?

My major irk was the string of French & British classics that have been given the Hollywood touch – including the recent ‘murders’ of the cult Brit film classics; “Get Carter” & “The Italian Job”.

..>Why? What is the purpose?

I have heard the excuse that ‘they’ are re-telling a story for a new generation – but this simply insinuates that the ‘new generation’ has no ability to connect with a good story or piece of cinema unless it cost a bizsqillion dollars and was largely computer generated!

…If this is so why are media/film degrees and cinematic retrospectives as popular as they are with the 18-25 year olds.

…Sorry…I’m off on one again!

Anyway, my main point was this; playing safe by Hollywood, in rehashing what it sees at ‘sure things’ is consistently narrowing the creative scope for that medium. Film financiers are less and less likely to take on what they see as ‘untested’ gambles, and thus so many of today’s or tomorrows classics are not being made…

The fact is that innovation and creativity are being stifled, and ‘Citizen Kane’ just would not have been made in today’s climate…

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