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Nothing Better to Do?

Forget the French Freedom Fry thing from Tuesday, now there has been a bill proposed to allow return of U.S. vets buried in France. I’m just sitting here shaking my head…

By Christine

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4 replies on “Nothing Better to Do?”

This is unbelievable. You know what it’s like? It’s like middle school, when a girl in the popular crowd kisses a nerd at a party, and the next day everyone pretends that they were never friends with her.

I love making analogies between a government body and 14 year old girls. It’s so disheartening.

The really sad thing is that Rickie Beth’s analogy is so true. These people are acting like a bunch of immature junior high kids. Would someone please find a mature adult on that Hill and tell them to smack the rest of those twits in the back of the head? In case these people haven’t noticed, there are bigger problems in this country than what your lunch is called and where burial grounds are located.

This article sent me over the edge when I read it in the office yesterday. Since she’s from Florida, I called her office. I couldn’t get through to the on in DC but I got through to her local office in Brooksville, FL.

I told her staffer that I was: (in this order)
1. A Floridian
2. A registered Republican (changing soon)
3. Married to a French Woman
4. Really Glad to NOT be her Constituent.

I tell her staffer in a very calm and measured voice that what I think she is sponsoring is wrong, really offensive and just plain asinine. The staffer then proceeded to argue with me. The best or worst part was that she couldn’t understand why someone would be upset and she basically told me “I don’t care about your opinion, you’re wrong and I may tell the Congresswoman.”

I’m just gonna go back to my corner now and rock myself back and forth and mumble.

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