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Nothing But Greed…

How much do most baseball players make a year? I mean, I know they have to travel a lot – but come on! You’re living your dream! Is there any need to have another strike? Whatever. How about some gratitude for the ability to do something you love? Isn’t that in and of itself worth a lot? [via Mikey]

By Christine

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6 replies on “Nothing But Greed…”

I am one of the world’s biggest baseball fans…but I agree with you on this one! These guys make tons of money…I would be happy forever with a small fraction of what they make! I don’t understand what the problem is!

I remember the last strike, back in ’94, I think…where they cut the season short and cancelled all the playoffs and the World Series. It took a long time for baseball to get the fans to come back to the game. MLB will only be hurting itself if this is allowed to happen again. I think the players should just back off and forget this whole strike thing.

Of course, I have my own interests here…my Red Sox are doing well and will likely be playoff-bound! This could be the year we go all the way, and I don’t want anyone ruining that! 🙂

I’ve always thought that it was ridiculous how much some people (entertainers, athletes, etc.) get paid (and then have the audacity to complain about how little they make) while others that really deserve the money get relatively little (like teachers, policemen, etc.) Sometimes I wonder what it would take to make the system work better … but I guess the money goes to those who seek it.

So when do the cops and firefighters go on strike so they can hold out for millions each?

Oh, that’s right, we can’t exist without cops and firefighters. But we CAN exist without baseball players.

I am a HUGE baseball fan but let me tell you, if they walk out this time, I am not coming back when they do. I’ll just sit here and count the days until NFL training camp starts.

so, you’re saying you have a problem with people getting paid MILLIONS to play a freakin game and it not being enough for them???? how dare you!! those poor underpaid baseball players. 🙁 oh, and football players, basketball players….and the list goes on.
yea. i agree. its ridiculous.

oooo this is a hot topic for me. One I could rant about for hours if someone wanted to listen. LOL

I agree 100%. They may have to be on the road a lot, work out hard, play in extreme heat at times… but that just does not justify the kind of money they make. It is just soooo not right. And when I see these guys boo-hooing because they don’t feel their multi million dollar contract is not enough… puh-LEEEEZE!!!! There are people in the world killing themselves just to barely scrape by and these guys are whining that they aren’t getting enough… and for playing a stupid game kids play in the park every day. Ohh… I’m all broken up for them. Pfffft!!

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