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Nothing New…

I went back to Dr. P yesterday since the girly issues seemed to get better and then get worse while I was out of town. Of course, everything was pretty normal yesterday, and he didn’t actually examine me. He did take the time to talk with me though, so that was a good thing.

– I still have fibroids. No shock there.
– Surgery, still scheduled for November 14th.
– He will be doing a laproscotomy at the same time to check on the ovarian cyst.
– After surgery, it is best if I stay on the pill to prevent future fibroids.
– Of course, with blood pressure issues, being on the pill isn’t such a great idea.
– The other option is to have a tubal ligation and then remove my uterine lining. The reason for the tubal is to make sure I never get pregnant after that, because that would cause all sorts of other problems.
– I’m not ready to make that decision. So for now, I’ll stay on the pill.

So now I just wait for surgery in just over a week. I’m looking forward to lots of knitting time in my future.

By Christine

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I looked back on your blog and followed your link to the surgery you are having. Will they remove some of the fibroids?
I also had firoids and after trying the pill and hating it, I went to a radiologist and had a fibroid embolization. It is a proceedure that puts plastic beads in the blood supply to the fibroids and with out the blood they shrink! It was a one day surgery and I recovered for about a week. Since then my bleeding has lessened to one tampon for 8 hours rather than 2 for 1 hour! It worked so well for me that I am a Huge advocate for it. Find out more from your Doc, and if they don’t want to talk to you about it, find one that will. Take care, I will keep checking back. Kathy

Um. The pill is not going to prevent future fibroids. Not at all.

I’m going to have an ablation done in Feb. to deal with my fibroids, but I’ve had surgery twice so far. The only thing that’ll make them really go away is menopause.

Sorry for the bad news. Send email if you have more questions.

Interesting, and good to know. I didn’t have any problems with fibroids before when I was on the pill, which is why they want to put me back on it. I guess it is worth a try (as long as it doesn’t jack with my blood pressure) while I make a decision on the ablation front.

I had a Novasure ablation done in May 2004 and I’ve been totally pleased with it. My issue was irregular cycles – twice a month – and intense, “make me faint” cramping. The Pill helped with cramps, but it triggered oodles of migraines. And if I went off the Pill, I’d be home from work days in a row due to pain. They did a D&C once, and that did nothing at all to help the situation.

I haven’t had a period since the ablation and haven’t had any cramps. I had a tubal done, too, and I swear there was more discomfort recovering from that than the actual ablation itself.

My daughter had a dreadful times with painful, long, flooding periods A really great GP said she was allergic to something. We did an elimination diet with the first one being tested white cane sugar. A miracle. The next period was four days with not a twitch. She was a sugar junkie really and had to learn to control the craving. It had really far-reaching effects on her life.

I had an ablation and the results were amazing. I still do have a period, which I was hoping to fall into the category of not having one anymore, but it’s only 2 days, with a couple spotting days vs all month long. My Dr. removed some fibroids that were causing my issues. I do not take the pill or any other medications since the procedure. It was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a very long time.

All the best to you.

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