Of Course it’s Special…

I was just talking the other day about the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Kankakee, Illinois, and now someone else has figured it out: “Bradley House special, expert says in new book”. I knew that 25 years ago. I always loved that house. I only got to eat there at the YesterYear Inn once, just a year or so before I moved to Houston, but I still think it will be a huge tragedy if they demolish the carriage house that is part of it. I can’t tell you how wonderful this place is, words won’t do it justice – but they should not be allowed to destroy it. It’s good to know that the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is involved and not since it was “founded in 1989 has one of these historic structures been destroyed. In fact, no Wright- designed building has been destroyed in almost a generation.” It was one of Wright’s first “Prairie Style” designs.

By Christine

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oh i luuuurrrrve Frank Lloyd Wright. it truly would be a tragedy to have this house demolished, or any FLW house for that matter.

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