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Oh my. I haven’t mentioned

Oh my. I haven’t mentioned Naomi here in days! Ack! I am soooo sorry Naomi. Please don’t think I no longer love you. Matter of fact, thank you *SO* much for your support last night in my moment of weakness when I almost called the Insignificant Other. Yes, it would have been a horrid mistake and I don’t know what I was thinking. Good thing you were able to rescue me.

Know what else I didn’t bother to mention here? That the Rodeo on Tuesday was a lot of fun. Clay Walker is adorable. I still can’t believe he didn’t come get me from my seat and ask me to marry him. What was he thinking? Doesn’t he know how wonderful I am? And he lives just north of me here in Houston, so the move would be easy. Ummmm… so what if he has a wife. I’ll share. (Not in to that normally, but for Clay, anything.) It was great to be able to spend time with Chelsey and Doug, and hopefully she will someday forgive me for making her endure the torture of riding the bus to the Rodeo just for me. I love you, Cheesy! What would I do without you? Thanks for hooking me up with tickets, and I would do it again any time for you. By the way, thank you also for your countless hours (years!!!) of support on that Insignificant Other issue. There are many days where I don’t know where I would be without you kicking me in the butt. You ROCK!!! Call me on 911, I’ll get it.

By Christine

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