Olympic Moment…

Watching the figure skating – pairs, loving every minute of it – I heard them talking about how Ina & Zimmerman, the US pairs team, had really bonded this past year and how much their skating has improved. The announcer then went on to say that “they now go to lunch together once a week and share everything.” Hey, Kymberlie, and I are proof that that really does make working together a lot easier as you find a different level of communication. Too bad some people were so anti-social, huh Kymberlie? Oh well – we tried. Side note to explain: anti-social co-worker, Kymberlie’s “teammate”, wouldn’t even tell her when her birthday is! She was somewhat icy and was let go on Friday. Guess working 9-5 (when the hours are 9-6) and taking 2 hour lunches every day isn’t too wise either.

WTF is up with this medal ceremony at the Olympics? Hello? Did they hire Cirque de Soleil to give out the medals? This is just strange… it’s so long NBC is cutting away for commercials!

By Christine

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