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Only in Texas…

Let me see if I have this right. We have strip clubs every mile in Houston – some of them being all nude clubs even – and yet this woman was arrested when the police found 17 sex toys in her car during a DUI traffic stop. Because, you know… having sex toys in your car is much more serious than driving under the influence… [via Blogdex]

By Christine

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6 replies on “Only in Texas…”

Perhaps the police thought that they were tools of the terror trade? Don’t Southern Baptists believe that they are instruments of the devil? Good instruments, mind you, especially when used correctly and cleaned regularly, but devilish ones nonetheless…

That is why I don’t think of Texas as a real free democracy but more a bit of Iran in the US.

Iran is ruled by psychotic religious rundamentalist. So is Texas.

Iran Has alot of Oil… So does Texas

Iran’s leader caused war in the Persian gulf. So has Texas.

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