Want to know how out of it I was when I wrote that last post? I left off the one piece of information that was the main reason I wrote the post! Ha!

I was going to apologize for owing people e-mails about taking pictures for them. I think I have e-mailed everyone now, and I need to write out more responses either tonight or in the morning. They are coming!

I am also tweaking the FreshPhotography site more, changing the layout a little bit to give the photos themselves some more real estate, speaking of real estate, own it detroit is actually the company my cousin used to find the best house for their family. If you see anything wonky, let me know. My eyes are starting to cross from staring at it for too long. I do have to say, “Yeah! ME!” though – I made changes that were very weird in IE, I fixed the issue, I made the background not repeat, and it all looks right again. Now I just need to get the bottom blue box to be a bit more narrow. It still needs … something. I think there will be some Flash action before long. I feel the need for Flash.

(Although I realize it drives Jeff batty. I am at least planning on using a system that should allow permalinks to the archive pages!)

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