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Oops! Double Oops!

In the past, thanks to one of the perks of MovableType, I banned three IPs from leaving comments. Like I said earlier, I really am open to any comments you might have, but one of those IPs was useed to spam my comments with nasty trash, and the other two … well, I don’t even remember why I banned them. But thanks to Tracy pointing out to me that sometimes she can’t leave a comment because of it, I deleted them all. Soooo… if you’ve had problems commenting before, you should be all set now.

Moving on to a topic that seems to ruffle feathers, did you know that Duhhhbya’s approval rating has dropped? Yeah, the media doesn’t want you to pick up on it, but it’s true. A December 17-18 Time/CNN poll has found that only 55% approve of how he is handling his job as president, 48% doubt whether or not they can trust him, and 55% felt that his accomplishments in office are because of his advisors. Maybe people are getting over the patriotic chest beating and finally opening their eyes to what a clueless idiot the man truly is? Maybe? At last? (I won’t even go in to my personal conspiracy theories right now…) [via Scott]

I should point out that my hate for Duhhhbya goes all the way back to when he ran for governor in 1994. It is nothing new for me. I thought he was a slimy creep then and I still feel that way today. What do you think of him? Come on … be honest. It’s ok – even if you disagree with me. Varied opinions are what make the world go around.

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I also happen to think that Dubya is a snake. I don’t know about patriotic chest beating (I love my country but realize that the leaders are prone to mistakes (or stupidity)), but I love it because we, as citizens, do have the potential to change the status quo.

Take Iraq, for example. I think Saddam is a low-life killer. He is dangerous. However, so is North Korea. I can’t see how Bush and his cronies keep trying to convince the world that our “war on terrorism” and the campaign against “weapons of mass destruction” proliferation isn’t targeting the Middle East alone with war. If Bush is going to maintain a hawkish stance, he should do it consistently.

I tend to be Libertarian in my views. I am proud to say that I supported the Libertarians as much as I could in the last elections. Bush and his administration have unfortunately been able to bring about legislation that edges dangerously close to violation of privacy and our “inalienable rights” because of that chest beating you mention.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the Dems putting anybody strong enough in the next election to be able to beat Bush.

I gotta be meeeeeeee….I gotta be meee…..

Yep, I can talk now!

I don’t hate Dubya. I think the country is looking a little dubious at the moment. I don’t know, I think it’s always important to support the president, no matter what, and I did even when I felt that Clinton was exposing a little more than his foreign policy…but I think the economic environment and the reality of war is starting to sink in with people.

Okay, testing whether the comments like me…

I have always believed that a President is only as good as his advisors. No one person can run this country alone, and even if the man behind the Presidency is rotten, the country can still prosper (monetarily, spiritually, etc.) if he has good advisors.

I don’t hate this President. Do I cringe when he speaks in public? Of course. He’s not the brightest guy we’ve ever had in office, but I have yet to see where he’s come off as Satan either. I’m concerned about the lines he’s crossing regarding certain civil liberties, but I’m still not convinced its misuse of power as opposed to a true concern for national security.

Frankly? I don’t trust ANY politicians! 🙂

*Got your card today. Thanks!

I think he’s an embarrassment to our nation and he and his staff have their hands in too many pockets. why do you think big money interests are overturning clinton’s (admittedly anemic) environmental successes?

I wish I had saved the link – but back when he was running for office, there was this guy that made a website listing all these not-so-great things he said/did. I didn’t like him before that – it was just a gut feeling. But after reading that site, I *really* didn’t like him and didn’t understand why people did. There were just tons and tons of “issues” with him. Do I remember anything specific? No, of course not… All I remember is that the site was published by the owner of some big website – like or something… really wish I could find that link!! Eh – who knows, the secret service probably confiscated it AND the guy by now. LOL!

I think he handled the post 9-11 time very well. Other than that, he’s made a jackass out of himself and it’s hard to take him seriously. I do like his administration, though, which is the reason I voted for him.

I agree with you. I think he also makes us as people look bad too. I’ve come across a lot of people that dislike me just because I am American. It’s all about the $ and power no matter which way you look at it, isn’t it? BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

I hate George II even more than I hated George I. I think he got a hard-on when the September 11, 2001 attacks occurred, because it meant that millions of people were looking to him (holding a position that wasn’t even rightfully his) for the next move. His eyes gleamed evilly, and he rubbed his hands together, and began thinking about how he could turn an already corrupt democracy into the dictatorship he thinks about when he spanks it in the oval office. Anyhow, so he began that bit about how we are either with him, or we’re a terrorist. So because I don’t believe in his godly callings and the fact that we must bomb everyone and hope to smoke out the accused, I must be a terrorist, right? I think that he’s using this attack as an excuse to further his own personal agenda. I think he’s enjoying this power he has, the fact that he gets to bomb those damned afghanis and those damned iraqis, and he can finally do daddy’s dirty work for him by getting that damned saddam for some alleged “nuc-yoo-lur” weapons. Perhaps some of this stuff is true, but he’s certainly going about it all wrong, because he’s too mislead by his own hard-on over the situations at hand to think with a clear (correct) head. He’s losing the fight to bring Osama bin Laden to “justice,” so now he’s going to pick on Saddam Hussein? Out of desperation rather than true justice, I am certain. As far as stuff he’s said goes… even before he was elected, he was filled with witticisms such as “there ought to be limits to freedom” (check out Or that bit about how atheists and pagans don’t deserve the “freedom of religion” right that the judeochristian population believes?

I am also in the minority among the artistic people… I support, endorse, and like the man.

He’s MUCH more trustworthy than Bubba was (which, I know, isn’t saying much!), and a MUCH better choice than Al Bore would have been.

Also, anyone that knows anything about economics, and any economist worth his salt will tell you that the economy is not something that responds within months to stimulii. It takes YEARS… and in our case, what we’re reaping now is the result of the previous eight years of policy.

I know I’m in the minority here… that’s fine. I’m not in the VAST majority on CNN’s polls (but I never am, anyway). I am, however, right where the people I put closest to me are, politically, ethically, and morally. 🙂 It’s with them that I find that I’m not in the minority that I am made to feel sometimes in the media.

Personally, I think Duh-bya is an extremely dangerous individual, and is slowly stripping America of everything that is good about it.

If anything, I’m damned happy to be a Canadian. The things we see happening down south concern a lot of us. If things get worse, I’m opening up a shelter for wayward american bloggers.

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